Automatic Variable Speed Control Systems

Electric pumping systems from Newsolme Engineering in Walshford North Yorkshire are normally designed to start and stop automatically on demand, or by mobile phone control. The recent adoption of variable speed drives adjusts the motor/pump speed automatically to provide the required delivery pressure as the demand for flow varies. This can save considerable amounts of electricity, and money, by limiting the current on starting and when running at less than the full capacity of the pumping system. Additionally, the cost of such energy efficient installations may qualify for 100% capital allowance under the ECA Scheme

The speed of a diesel engine pump unit can also be controlled automatically to provide a constant delivery pressure as the demand for flow varies. Traditionally this has been achieved using an F W Murphy diagnostic control panel, high/low pressure switchgauge and a throttle control actuator

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The adoption of modern electronics has resulted in the development of the powerful yet user friendly IdroMOP “push and go” engine management system. The display screen guides the operator through the intuitive menus via a user friendly push button adjustment knob. Engine starting, throttle adjustment and shutdown are completely automatic. With the optional GSM module it can also be monitored and managed remotely from your mobile phone. In addition the IdroMOP + GSM unit will automatically send texts to confirm engine start and stop events and advise the reason for stopping if as a result of abnormal operating conditions including low delivery pressure, no flow, over speed, over pressure, coolant over temperature, low oil pressure, alternator/fan belt failure.

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